Friday, September 17, 2010

Really, Really Happy

I was woken at Bowen hospital by the Asian technician this moning about 7 30 telling me she was 'really, really happy' about my overnight sleep. She'd woken me several times during the night to adjust pressure and prevent leakage from my face mask and VPAP machine. Apparently there'd been no leakage and no apnoea, which is good.

The whole experience was nerve-wracking though. General frailty is not conducive to sleep tests. Most pateints are people with snoring problems. My condition creates challenges with matters such as toilet use when you are wired up with umpteen-dozen cords. Still, its over and I can go back to normal living.

Five years ago Anne and I potted some daffodil bulbs for our friend Jane's birthday. Jane took this photo of them this week. They've come up annually. The shot shows Wellington's weather at present. The drive to and from the hospital revealed spring blooms everywhere, the most pleasant part of the adventure. .

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