Thursday, November 11, 2010

Out of Action?

Everything seems to be happening at once. Anne goes off to Tauranga today for five days. Jo is coming to house-sit – or more accurately Harvey-sit. Jo will take me to the doctor’s this afternoon for my three-monthly check-up.

On Monday workmen will arrive to transform the present enclosed shower in my en-suite into a wet shower. That means clearing everything out of my bathroom. The room will be out of action for about a fortnight. So no showers in that time – just washes in the drawing room. Susanna, my usual care-giver has been on leave for a fortnight. She resumes on Monday.

During the day these renovations will mean limited access to my study-cum-bedroom, indeed possibly not available. So there may be no or few blogs for a fortnight. I find my energy flags during the day and in the evenings I‘m only good for being soggy in front of the TV. It will also probably mean no Tuesday Poem for a couple of weeks.

Most of my exercise consists in wheeling the walker from study to lounge and vice versa. I’ll have to make sure I do some exercises over the period though now the weather is more settled I may be able to walk more down the lane to the shops.

It’ll be good to have the shower fixed. It has been awkward for my care-givers and extra bars near the loo will also be of assistance.

Dorothy the cat hates workmen. It’s going to be more disruption in her life. I can accept it as a little addition of excitement in my life, her little cat-brain sees it as a pain. She’s in for a rough time. Noise and strange smells!

I’m half-way through reading Kathleen Jones’s life of Katherine Mansfield. It’s a big book. It’s a very readable book. I’m enjoying it. So with little access to the computer I see myself settling in to read it in larger chunks. That and watching DVD’s.

Jo is an artist. I have out at present to watch with her two art DVDs from the Palette Collection: 'The Age of the Titans' and 'The Golden Age of the Netherlands'. I should add Jo is of Dutch origin. Also in the queue is the Attenborough series 'The Life of Mammals'. That’ll be good viewing to take my mind off the banging and biffing through the wall.

Anne gets back mid-afternoon on Monday to the chaos. Then on Tuesday she takes me to hospital for a neurology check-up. Routine carries on regardless.

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  1. Harvey - sorry to hear you're out of action for a bit. You can schedule posts ahead of time if you want to keep up TP - just click on the button on the bottom of the post and schedule in the upcoming Tuesdays.... on the other hand you might like a break. I can put you on sabbatical! Isn't the KM book terrific?