Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Little Thoughts

Sister-in-law Margaret responded to my blog by email. ‘Did enjoy reading your poems and especially about the past on Banks Peninsula. Certainly brought back memories of our trips with Tom. It is changed so much out there now – just fished out! Bruce and I went fishing two years ago down at our favourite place off the cliffs through Jim Wright’s property and hardly got a niggle. Whereas when we lived out there we would pack the kids up and head down there once a week for our fix of fish using a stick and line attached.’

I see I spelt ‘mine’ yesterday when I meant ‘mind’. No excuse. Stuff had Oscar ‘Awarsd’. Editors are needed. Slumdog Millionaire scooped the pool.

After dinner last night Anne went off for a walk on a lovely balmy evening. In the old days we went together. The dwindling of companionship is one of my big regrets

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