Thursday, May 21, 2009

Cousin Sally

My cousin Sally also grew up in Little River. Her father, Uncle Tom was married to my mother’s sister, Nancy. Sally now lives at Darfield. She recently sent me an email about my blog and how it jogged her memories.

‘Picking black currants with one or two sows, especially Daisy or Peach and little piglets just through the fence, I spent more time watching them than picking. The little ones had a great time exploring.’ She describes the stand-off between the sows and the dogs over bones. Then “if you heard one of the big cooking apples fall from the tree in the bull paddock on to the rock hard ground you could watch the race between the little pigs and the bull to see who would end up with it to eat.’

Her comments are very relevant in light of the controversy over pig-farming that is taking place at present.

She concludes ‘Thanks for the memories. The ice-creams in the little cone had a special taste which is lacking today. Perhaps because they were a special treat and not had every day.’

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