Thursday, January 7, 2010

Turakirae Head

Turakirae Head

Surveying me
through the periscope of his head
Seal said
‘Play the concertina
as I haul myself ashore.

it is difficult to jig
to the tunes of guilt and grief
the causes you’ve forsaken
Instead, try the rhythm of the kelp
to the chatter of the rocks
with the chuckle of the blood
and the pulsing of the surf –
a billion pieces, each in motion.

Then, when
you find that you can do it
let them think that you’ve been touched
life’s a fling and life’s a caper
dance and toss the salt along
only play that concertina
as you haul yourself ashore.’

A few blogs back I wrote about the benefits of old age. That raises the issue has youth got any advantages. The answer is yes. To prove the point I put up this poem written when I was young. It was created in the evening after I'd taken Anne and her two sons to see the seals at Turakirae Head between Wellington Harbour and the Wairarapa. I like that jaunty, optimistic young man.

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