Monday, November 15, 2010

Tuesday Poem: Life Sentence

Life Sentence

Eden, created for our expulsion
We inhabit its garden for such a short spell.

The brevity of pleasure
I survive in the kingdom of the frail

Personality simplified to enjoyment 
of foxgloves under tree fern

And a tui’s daily interview
At the abutilon, swaying under its weight

In the past there was delight
In outwitting expected defeat

Now, the wait for the next appointment
‘’You’ve gone down hill, you know’

As if I didn’t, we’re all speechless
About the obvious, formulaic words prevail

Hard to be premature about the inevitable end
The dread, the fear, the foolish hope, they survive

Harvey McQueen

This poem rattled about and out over last weekend. Normally I leave them for a while. This one I decided could be released from the holding pen straight away.

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  1. After your previous post about the difficulties of getting on with writing poetry, Harvey, it's good to see this new poem appearing. I especially liked "a tui's daily interview".