Thursday, October 14, 2010


Yesterday I saw the first honey bees of the season. They were enjoying the lavender. More disappointing I also saw my first white butterfly.

So Wellington has a new mayor. I thought the specials would tend to go to the incumbent. But it did not happen that way.

Anne took me to the optician. I need new computer glasses rather than the old heavy ones I am using. (A relic from the days when I first needed reading glasses). After the battery of tests we selected a frame for a new pair. Except for needing them for reading my eyes are in good shape. Pleased something’s working reasonably well.

In Chile they’ve begun rescuing the miners one by one from deep underground. While the world watches. It is a feel good news story for a change.

Somehow I cannot get involved in the Commonwealth Games. It’s partly time zones and my need to have oxygen every night. But somehow there’s a lack of excitement. But then I’d missed the sevens finals and will the netball tonight. And the athletics are also out of kilter for my needs.

Anne bought and cooked turbot for our dinner. I enjoy fish and turbot is one of the tastiest flavours. I put up these comments because I'm grateful for Anne's care and attention to my needs and wants. My worry is her needs and wants for which I can do so little.

Anne also  planted petunias in one of the pots in front of our French doors. Of all the things I miss, gardening is one of the highest. Writing this sentence aroused a long dormant memory of an embarrassing moment.

I had welcomed a visiting Chinese education delegation. In return they hosted us for a meal. There was a floral misunderstanding.. Through the interpreter, the Chinese minister asked about my hobbies. When I said I loved gardening, the minister looked baffled. So I added ‘growing flowers”, and then indeed he looked surprised. When they had gone, the Chinese language adviser gave me some advice: ‘Don’t ever say that. Flowers mean “pretty women.’’ He tapped his nose knowingly.

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