Friday, September 11, 2009

A Courtship of Tuis

It’s raining. About time. August was well below the average Wellington rainfall for the month and we’re had almost no rain in these early days of September. The ground is very dry.

The tui pair engage in courtship flights, wheeling and dealing and flirting around the section in spectacular fashion.

We watched a DVD Some Like It Hot a couple of nights ago. I’d forgotten how chunky Marilyn Monroe was. The comedy has dated but it’s still a good movie. One could be forgiven for feeling envious of Tony Curtis for kissing Monroe. So it was with surprise I read on the net he described the experience as kissing Hitler.

Surfing the net about the movie I followed some leads about Marilyn and stumbled across a five part series about her death involving reconstruction and research. There are three possible scenarios, murder, suicide or an accidental overdose. Scientific research rules out the third. The first is very unlikely. So it does look like suicide the programme concluded.

My books to read shelf is filling up. I’m enjoying the Talleyrand but it’s a big book and I allow myself to be sidetracked. Knowing I was watching Charlie Chaplin movies Anne’s son Jonathan sent me a book about his development of the character of a clown. I have three books from Geoff and I know there are birthday books to come.

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