Monday, September 21, 2009

Further Sods and Odds (3)

a) For the last three days a thrush has been building a nest in the camellia bush outside my study. It gave me pleasure just watching it. But today it has not appeared. Whether it has been killed or has merely given up I’ll never know. But it is disappointing.

b) Anne went to the launch of a biography of activist Elsie Locke on Friday. It is ironic that one of the chief sources of background material was the Special Service files. I look forward to reading the book.

c) The district nurse came this morning to dress my graze from last week's fall. What a fabulous service they provide.

d)There is debate at present about the legal defence of provocation. My mind tells me the law courts should be about truth and justice. My experience tells me it’s about winning a case. When emotions have moved into spite and hate, common sense, compassion, tolerance, understanding fly out the window – on both sides. Revenge is a very powerful and understandable human motive.

e)Watching the All Blacks play the Wallabies I thought of the past. I regret the passing of an era when the two teams ran out side by side and the two captains publicly shook hands before the match began and there were three cheers for the other side at the end of the match.

f) Cousin Sally sent me through a clipping about my great grandfather Morrison Barclay, an early settler on Banks Pensinsula. Apparently he like me was a JP.

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