Friday, December 18, 2009

Two Dreams

Geoff visited yesterday. Amongst other things he talked of his love of trout-fishing, (something I've often thought I'd like to do), and asked my views on the proposed NZEI strike over national standards.

Last night I had two vivid dreams. In the first I was trout-fishing myself at Turangi, walking up the river to a solitary pool. There I made my cast. Somehow that merged into my going to NZEI’s headquarters to be offered a contract to undertake a survey of teacher education graduates entering the profession. They offered me an office car to drive round the country as I investigated the issue. A voice from the past, Helen Kelly, as president was in the chair.

In the cold light of day I can only say Alas! The mind is willing; the flesh is weak. Not for the first time I curse my illness.

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