Sunday, December 13, 2009


Last night’s television had a programme on the Wearable Arts Awards, New Zealand’s iconic and spectacular fashion show. In my heyday I saw and enjoyed several shows, both in Nelson and in Wellington. Sceptical before my first visit I became a convert.
The choreography, lighting, sound, pace and visual treat swept the audience along.

So it was with regret that I had to stop going. Anne went again this year with friends Paul and Lesley so I experienced the show vicariously, When I saw it was coming on TV I looked forward to seeing it on the screen.

I was disappointed. Instead of the previous two-hour showing it was one hour and it stressed a promotional aspect - of the event and Wellington city - rather than show this year’s presentation. I enjoyed what I saw but I would have liked more. Which brings me to a point. There are many New Zealanders like me, for a great variety of reasons, for whom it would have been an interest if not a joy to have seen a programme of the whole event.

I know about ratings and the advertiser’s dollar. But this is one of the leading cultural events in the calendar year. Kiwi developed it is a great exemplar of our ingenuity. It is a shame it cannot be recorded and shown in its entirety later in the year. We can watch a replay of the All Blacks the next day.

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