Thursday, December 16, 2010

A Bellbird

Ever since we lived here I’ve hoped that one day a bellbird would visit us from the nearby wildlife sanctuary – which for some unfathomable reason has been renamed from Karori (which proclaims its location – Wellingotn would have been acceptable) to Zealandia. To me that is the title of an extinct Catholic newspaper, not a refuge for birds.

In my healthy days I bird fed in the sanctuary – sugar water for the bellbirds. It was a delight to see these songsters in their natural habitat. But I’ve never seen them outside in Wellington until yesterday.

I’ve written several times about a tui that comes daily to the abutilon tree (Chinese bells is its common name). But yesterday I looked up and thought that’s a bellbird there. It flew off before I could be certain.

Anne and Amy were making macaroons – memories of their tour in SW France in 2006. Their cakes in the oven, they were having a cup of tea when the bird returned. It was a bellbird, banded.

That’s a good way to end 2010 – a bellbird in the garden.

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  1. Hello Harvey. Lest you think your musings here just disappear into the ether I must let you know, I love reading your thoughts. I look forward to them, and immensely enjoy your wisdom and struggles and amazing fortitude at a difficult time. I'm a doctor and I learn such a lot from you, and also nod quite often when I recognise experiences you share about this, rather irritating!, journey with health you are taking. You share experiences with many I have cared for, I find your insight valuable and moving. We who do the caring also struggle with the failing of people we come to know so well, and yet we can only look on at an essentially solo exercise.

    Best wishes to you and Anne, and thanks so much for giving me thought