Sunday, March 21, 2010

Our House

This day four years ago New Zealand cruised to a cricket victory against the West Indies. Today, it looks like they are heading for a massive hiding from the Australians.

Having just sold it, on that earlier day we were beginning to pack up our previous home. I wrote this poem about it. It was a lovely old place. The poem will be appearing in ‘Goya Rules’, my latest poetry volume which is being launched this week.

Our House

Outside, our house looks
historic - well, it's over
a hundred years old but
inside it’s comfortable,
spacious, the high stud.

It has watched old age
weary on, but also seen
child & kitten romp & play.
It has survived candle,
lamp, power drill,
rats inside the walls
starlings under the eaves
pink batts over the ceilings
laughter & food & dismay
roast lamb & takeaways
cleaning of chimneys
fitting of gas
television set
furniture removal
a baby's birth
soldiers' uniforms
lovers, in bed & out
regal gongs &
fire-place tongs.

It has character
we love it
maintain it.

It will outlast us.

Harvey McQueen  

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