Monday, August 24, 2009

Before the Poison, Did They Kiss?

Before the Posion, Did They Kiss?

Macabre. Magda playing patience,
after killing her six children
laying them out in white gowns
delaying her own death. Her
Doctor soon to die with her
wrote ‘No war can be won
without optimism.’ At this stage
they had none & the Russians
were closing. She’d done her
duty. Goebbels also stated
‘a woman’s job is to be beautiful
and to bring children into the world.’

Their end the last twitch of
the Third Reich. No Greek tragedy
just evil’s horrifying banality.

It is hard to imagine the emotional climate in that Berlin underground bunker after Adolf and Eva Hitler’s bodies were taken out and set alight. Four years earlier it had looked like the dream of a thousand year Reich would be realised. Now it was the ashes of defeat as Goebbels and his wife played out the final act. It was with such thoughts in mind that I wrote this poem with its question as the title. Did they? Or had all passion except despair departed.

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