Friday, August 28, 2009

Daffodil Day

a) Spring is here. We have daffodils out. Anne picked seven windblown ones and put them in a vase to brighten up the living room.

b) Today is daffodil day, fund-raising for the Cancer Society. I was involved in the initial discussions about this day. Ross Vinter, David Lange’s first press secretary, formed a public relations company, Bloom, after he left the Beehive. After I left in 1998 I took a holiday in Europe. On my return, Ross rang. Bloom had won an education contract. Could I help. So for several months I worked there. The Cancer Society asked Bloom for help to organise a fund-raising day. Someone suggested daffodils as a colourful symbol of spring and hope and we brainstormed the idea. When I see the adverts for the day I feel pleased to have taken an early part in that particular process.

c) I quite often watch Parliament’s question time on the new digital TV. Yesterday, several MPs were wearing daffodil buttonholes. Two friends, Rory and Ken called and joined me in watching the bunfight. They like me were impressed by Lockwood Smith as Speaker. He is developing into a very good one.

d) The neighbour’s snowball tree is sprouting green shoots and on their kowhai flower buds are appearing. Three tui either fight or court in that tree. I suspect it’s a mixture of both interests, three’s a crowd.

e) Yesterday also, Susanna my caregiver took me for a walk around the garden and to sit in the sun on the wooden seat at the west end. Camelia, daphne and daffodils in flower, and self-sown parsley sprouting in the herb patch that Anne has created. It was idyllic but I could see several things that needed attention. It’s wearisome feeling useless. I can but serve and wait.

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