Saturday, August 15, 2009

Major & Minor Matters

The Key Government is experiencing the same honeymoon period as Clark did in her early years. If towards the end she’d banned the use of cell-phones while driving there would have been an outcry of ‘nanny-state’.

But from where I sit there seems to be a lack of Cabinet cohesion. For example, in electricity the Commission is to be disestablished. In Health there is discussion of creating a new authority to disburse funds.

For decades on Saturday morning I rang Mum regularly at 9 o clock. Now the weekend feels different without that ritual.

The next door neighbours have two cats. They got them as kittens on their 25th wedding anniversary and christened them Silver and Annie. Before I learnt their names I’d named Silver with its striking markings as the Snow Leopard. Both cats use the top of our dividing fence as a track. I enjoy watching the Snow Leopard gingerly make his way along the rail.

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