Sunday, August 23, 2009


When I got up this morning I learnt Anne had woken early and decided to read the Sunday Star Times. But it hadn’t been delivered. Apparently a new contractor. I said she looked disgruntled. That got us thinking about that word. Can people be gruntled. At one time I would have gone to Onion’s Etymological Dictionary but it’s very large and heavy. So I decided to look at the web. It’s derived from the word grumble. Fascinating what’s on the web.

As the days warm up we are not pulling the curtains so early in the evening. I’ve been admiring to the west the silhouette of the oak’s bare boughs and twigs against the darkening sky and to the east the stark shape of the cabbage trees.

We need rain. July was well down on the Wellington average and its mid-August and we’ve only had about a third of the average. Anne watered the outside pots last night. You could almost see the plants responding. It’s extremely frustrating for me – to see chores needing to be done and can’t do a thing.

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